YE OLDE LONDON: MY very first trip TO THE huge SMOKE

YE OLDE LONDON: MY very first trip TO THE huge SMOKE

Updated: 2/11/19 | originally Posted: 7/16/2008

My flight to London was uneventful.

Well, it might have been eventful, however I was noise asleep up until we landed in Dublin.

When I linked from the Irish Republic, I was surprised I didn’t pass with passport manage in Heathrow. I looked, however it was right on to baggage insurance claim for me. I’d handled to get into England without a UK stamp on my passport. מְשׁוּנֶה.

I was excited for my very first see to London. My good friends online about 45 minutes away from Heathrow in North London. Or at least it should be 45 minutes. halfway back to their flat, the tube (train) broke down. We got stuck in the train for over an hour, turning the trip from the airplane to the flat into a 2.5-hour ordeal.

Yet the train trip would have been bearable even with jetlag, had not one more traveler decided she wished to sing the whole time.

This old woman, an obvious American Idol reject, began singing (or rather murdering) what sounded like Chinese people tunes as loud as she could.

At first, it wasn’t that bad…but she got progressively louder as well as louder.

It’s funny exactly how you can discover a great deal about a culture in instances like this. The English are famously reserved. My good friends couldn’t stand the woman, however when I told them they should state something (I didn’t want to be the loud American tourist), they replied, “Ohh no, I’m far as well polite for that. I don’t want to cause a scene.”

The other passengers seemed to feel the exact same way. The English are understood for their reserve as well as politeness, as well as rather than be perceived as impolite, they’d tolerate an annoyance such as this. In America, the whole train would have thrown that lady out.

Unable to take it, I stated something. then I stated it again. everybody else seemed to mumble in approval. She just looked at me as well as provided me a thumbs-up. A guy across from her laughed as well as began to sing along. soon they were both singing as well as the train was mumbling in even more discontent. Yet there was no revolution. English manners still prevailed.

But I had had enough, and, lest I look as well improper, got my good friends as well as changed carriages. It took two carriages before the woman’s singing faded away, however silence lastly filled the stale train air.

Today, I’ve been checking out London. With the city being so massive, I split the city into bit sections. First, I explored the Thames River as well as the plethora of sights around it. I saw Trafalgar Square as well as walked down Whitehall street where all the governmental offices are up until I came upon huge Ben.

There I was in front of the icon of London and, gazing upon this giant clock, I was disappointed. I had expected him to be… bigger.

The Parliament tower went higher than Ben. I had always pictured Ben to be extremely tall (not that he’s short), as well as I’ll admit it was a bit disappointing to see his stature. I assumption all those angled shots from movies have ruined me, much like the close-ups of Mt. Rushmore hide the truth it, too, is tiny.

Not to state it wasn’t lovely — it was. huge Ben was still outstanding as well as as I ate lunch in the shadow of him as well as Parliament, I couldn’t assist however be in awe of their Gothic architecture. I’m thankful guy Fawkes didn’t strike them up. He would have robbed humanity of wonderful things.

One thing that did sadden me about London was all the congestion as well as building around their tourist sights. a few of the very best tourist cities in the world shield their historical sites from contemporary development. Philadelphia’s historic area is blocked, as well as parts of Rome are no-drive zones, as is the Parthenon in Athens. It enables you to enjoy the cities without having to dodge huge double-decker buses.

If I had one complaint about London’s historical sites, it would be that. Attractions lose a few of their historic question as well as majesty when surrounded by building crews, buses, as well as trains. It’s difficult to throw yourself into the history when building teams are blasting sidewalks behind eco-friendly fences.

I understand it’s difficult when cities are so huge as well as congested, however if other locations can do it, London might too.

Now my Web hour is up as well as it’s time to check out the famous Tower Bridge as well as the Tower of London before satisfying my good friend for dinner. It’s been a long day already, however I’ve barely scratched the surface of London.

I’m excited to keep exploring!

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